Why Every Student Needs to be on LinkedIn

Verified Reasons Why Students Should be on LinkedIn

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the usefulness of LinkedIn especially for a student. While some regard it as a social media platform similar to Facebook, others see it as a job board. Both hypotheses are somewhat true, but LinkedIn is more professional-focused than Facebook, and unlike most job sites, it offers more features than just the ability to search for opportunities. This article explains why every student needs to be on LinkedIn.

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Top Reasons Why Students Need LinkedIn Accounts

Why Every Student Needs to be on LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn is a priceless tool for students, here are the top five justifications why each and every one of them ought to be a member:

To Establish a Network of Business Professionals

Any career advancement depends as much on who you know as it does on your knowledge. Make friends with your classmates and the professors at your university first, then decide the sector of the economy you wish to work in, afterwards look for thought leaders on LinkedIn. You never know when a link will be useful, and the larger your network, the greater the likelihood that someone will recommend you for a professional position.

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To Receive Job Alerts

LinkedIn is quite helpful for finding your next employment, even though it is about much more than just looking for a job. This makes LinkedIn especially helpful for students. So that you never pass up a wonderful opportunity again, you may set up LinkedIn to give you job alerts for specific businesses, industries, or job titles.

It Lets businesses Find You

These days, your potential employer will undoubtedly look you up online when you apply for a job. Having a LinkedIn account as a student allows you to present a whole different and more professional side of yourself because students frequently have a bad rap about their social media presence. By having a LinkedIn account, you make it easier for businesses to locate you and, more crucially, the information you want them to find.

LinkedIn Makes You Job Ready

Interviews are often nerve-wracking, but if you have a LinkedIn account, you can do your own research about the business and the employer before the interview so that you feel as prepared as possible.

Show Your Growth Commitment

As a student, having a LinkedIn account demonstrates your commitment to obtaining a job. By making connections with people and being detailed in your summary it helps place you on a professional growth path.

You may demonstrate that you’re investing in the time and effort necessary to succeed in your chosen career by being precise in your summary and making connections with people in the field that you hope to end up in.

As we conclude, it is important you begin to build your professional network and job capacity even as a student. To begin with, use a business-related profile photo, join networks and follow businesses that interest you.
Remember to finish your profile. Apply it as an extended CV and fill it up as much as you can to show potential employers that you are a well-rounded person with a wide range of abilities that you could use on the job.

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