Migration Through Australian Business Permanent Residency

The Australian Investment Stream PR Pathway

This Australian migration stream is intended for people who want to invest money in Australia for commercial purposes. The Australian business visa program enables international investors, senior executives, and business owners to establish new or existing firms in Australia. This can potentially be a strategy to obtain a PR visa. This article explains migration through Australian business permanent residency.

Applicants must meet the financial requirements and have had a provisional visa (subclass 188) for at least a year in order to be eligible to apply for PR under this stream. With this visa, you are able to operate a business in Australia that you own and control as well as engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Australian Investment Stream PR Pathway: Eligibility Criteria

Migration Through Australian Business Permanent Residency

  • Submission of Expression of Interest via Skill Select.
  • A nomination from a state or territory.
  • Austrade or a state or territory government agency’s nomination.

Below are Requirements for Invitation

The candidate must be eligible for one of the following three subcategories of visas:

  • Commercial Innovation.
  • Enterprise Investment.
  • Being categorized as a major investor.
  • The applicant must be less than 55 years old at the point of application submission.
  • They should have a thorough business strategy or be prepared to make an investment in an Australian company that is already up and running.
  • Applicant must have at least 65 points, which are determined by a number of variables such as age, education, previous employment, and investment experience.

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Categories of the Australian Investment PR Stream

Migration Through Australian Business Permanent Residency

There are seven categories in the provisional visa program:

  • Business Innovation Stream: With the help of this temporary visa, you can run a new or existing company in Australia. You must be nominated by Austrade or a government organization from an Australian State or Territory.
  • Investor stream. In order to participate in this stream, you must have at least AUD 1.5 million in an Australian state or territory and continue to do business and invest in Australia.
  • Significant Investor Stream: Applicants for this visa must be willing to make an investment of at least AUD $5 million in Australian securities. They must be proposed by Austrade or a government organization from an Australian State or Territory.
  • The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional): Visa holder may prolong their stay in Australia by an additional two years with the use of this visa stream. Applicants must have had a Business Innovation stream visa for at least three years and be recommended by an Australian State or Territory government agency or Austrade in order to be eligible for this extension.
  • The Significant Investor Extension Stream: This allows holders of this visa to extend their time in Australia by up to four more years. For this extension, applicants must have been part of the Significant Investor stream for at least three years and must have been recommended by Austrade or a government agency from an Australian State or Territory.
  • Premium Investor Stream: To qualify for this visa, applicants must be nominated by Austrade and make a minimum investment of AUD 15 million in Australian businesses or charitable contributions.
  • Entrepreneur stream – This visa allows you to work as an entrepreneur in Australia.

You can start a business in Australia and then apply for permanent residency using the Business Investor visa (Subclass 188B), which is part of the Investor Stream.

A state or territory government in Australia must propose applicants for the 188B visa. For persons who want to make a certain type of investment in an Australian state or territory, this is a four-year temporary visa.

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Eligibility Requirements for the Australian Business Permanent Residency

Below are key eligibility criteria for the Australian investment stream PR pathway

  • Your business and personal net assets during the last two fiscal years must be at least AUD 2.25 million.
  • Must be younger than 55 years, unless the nominated state or territory certifies that such individual would generate an exceptional economic advantage.
  • To get a passing mark, the Business Innovation and Investment Points test must be passed (currently 65)
  • Applicant must invest AUD 1.5 million in Australian State or Territory bonds in order to be granted the visa.
  • Intending applicant must have exhibited outstanding management skills over your three years of operating a qualifying business or “eligible investments.”

In addition, applicant must have engaged in one of the following activities in at least one of the previous five fiscal years:

  • Managed a business in which they hold 10% of the stock; or
  • Invested AUD 1.5 million or more in permissible investments. Investments that qualify include ownership stakes in a company, cash deposit, bonds or stocks, real estate, bullion such as gold and assets in form of loan to a company.

Application Procedure for the Australian Business Permanent Residency

  • Applicant must submit an expression of interest and register with the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Wait for a state or territory to nominate you or send an intimation request directly to Austrade.
  • After getting an invitation, you can submit a visa application.

In summary, the Subclass 891 visa, often known as the Australia Investor Visa, is for immigrants who desire to launch a business or engage in investment activities in Australia. You are permitted an indefinite stay in the nation with this visa.

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