Reasons for Strained Communication in Relationships

See why Communication has Broken Down in your Relationship

The reasons for strained communication in relationships abound. Interestingly, the beauty of relationships is a part of life. Whether we’re referring to leisurely beach strolls, movie night, and belly-laughing till your sides hurt at your favorite joke. Of course, relationships also require work., and there are times where both lovers appear to be strangers on the same bed possibly due to strained communication.

The most successful relationships are ones in which both partners are willing to work hard and have a desire to advance and make the most out of the relationships. It is worthy to note that no relationship is a bed of roses, there are turbulent and strenuous moments where everything may seem to be pulling apart and lovers off track. Incidentally, one of the biggest obstacles to progress in relationships is strained communication.

Effects of a Strained Relationship

Strained communication in relationships can make you both feel stressed out and frustrated, sometimes you could even question your sanity, especially at the points of being ghosted or gaslighted by your partner – someone you gave your whole heart to. They can appear to not understand you. Or perhaps you’re puzzling over why you can’t resolve that one difficult problem without starting an intense battle.

Our ideas and sentiments are solely our own responsibility. Your communication will be hampered by resentment and acrimony if you repose accountability and responsibility solely on your partner. More so, your relationship might become toxic if this is not addressed on time. Own your emotions so you can deal with them in an open and graceful manner. By taking steps to address your own emotional needs, you can resolve many relationship communication strains and speak with your partner while feeling strong.

Interestingly, there is a way out of every strained relationship communication. Sometimes all it takes to fix a relationship is a few little adjustments. Below are the reasons for strained communication in relationships.

Causes of Strained Communications in Relationships

Too much screen time

The best thing ever is a phone. We appreciate the advent of YouTube and Netflix. However, excessive screen usage might result in communication issues or a lack thereof even in marriage. When you’re scrolling through Facebook or using the browse feature on your preferred streaming service, it’s difficult to be fully present with your spouse. Give them your entire attention and unplug occasionally, this will help you build intimate moments with your partner and rekindle the lost aflame.

Unnecessary jealousy

Jealousy and clinginess are also part of the causes of strain in relationships. When you become envious because you spotted your lover laughing with someone or when you begin to question who is sending you texts, you are exhibiting casual jealousy, and remember, relationships that lack communication and trust suffer.

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes, there is the tendency to conclude that your partner is stingy – with their time and money. that they don’t understand how we feel or what we desire. The truth however, is, life occasionally interferes with our ability to devote as much time as  we would like to so as to be present in several areas of our lives. Check your expectations against reality if you’re experiencing communication problems in a marriage or relationship.

Rude language

How can we communicate better in our relationships? Start by refraining from blaming your spouse. When someone is insulting you, it’s difficult to listen to them. It’s challenging to get the true message when someone uses a harsh language. After all, most people get defensive when they feel accused. To resolve communication challenges in relationships and other relationship problems, try speaking more gently.

Concealing emotions

Bottling up emotions is an unhealthy way of communicating. The core of effective communication is being open and honest about your emotions. If one of you isn’t being honest, it’s hard to reach an agreement or move an issue forward. Make a deal to be honest with one another and handle emotions collectively rather than burying them.

Weak listening abilities

As a lover, you must learn to listen so your marriage does not become abusive. The main factor contributing to communication strain in relationships is poor listening skills. Frustration and misunderstandings are certain to occur if one of you doesn’t feel heard, validated, or understands what the other is trying to say. Try active listening instead of waiting for your turn to talk.

Pay close attention to what your partner says, then repeat it back to them in your own words without passing judgment or leveling any accusations. Inviting them to do the same for you can help you understand what they are trying to say better and will make them feel heard.


Any relationship suffers when one partner keeps tabs on expenses, household duties, or transgressions in the past. When you believe that your mistakes are being recorded on a cosmic scorecard, it’s difficult to communicate effectively. Drop the comparisons and keep your attention solely on the issue if you want your communications to be sincere, kind, and helpful.

Keep in mind that your partner isn’t a rival, and you’re not doing this to win. Whatever occurred in the past, put it behind you so that you may concentrate on the present and work on your relationship communication issues.

Inadequate understanding of their love language

Everybody has a different way of expressing their love. Knowing your partner’s love language will improve communication in your relationship. Perhaps they enjoy talking things out or are receptive to compliments. Perhaps they appreciate getting little presents or reassurances that you were thinking of them. Help with chores or other practical assistance may have a better effect on some persons. You can converse with them more effectively if you study their language.

Absence of empathy

Lack of empathy for the other person can sometimes be the cause of communication strain and breakdown in relationships. We frequently neglect to consider how our partner is feeling because it is so simple to become preoccupied with our own needs, wants, and worries. It is simply a trait of being human; it is not a defect in character. Your communication will, however, improve markedly if you can learn to put yourself in their position and consider what they are feeling, thinking, and experiencing.

Summary of Reasons for Strained Communication in Relationships

In summary, it takes practice to become a good communicator; this is a lifelong skill. For a more streamlined, contented relationship, start by putting some of the above communication advice to use right now.

If you tired of having dull moments and want to reignite the spark in your relationship, shun the things below.

Here’s a recap on the reasons for strained communication in relationships.

1. Too much screen time

2. Unnecessary jealousy

3. Unrealistic expectations

4. Rude language

5. Holding them liable for us

6. Concealing emotions

7. Weak listening abilities

8. Record-keeping

9. Inadequate understanding of their love language

10. Absence of empathy


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