Accommodation for International Students in Australian Universities

Accommodation Options for Foreign Students in Australia

If you’re contemplating commencing your studies in Australia, here’s what to know in terms of the housing options available. In this article, we will explain accommodation for international students in Australian universities. International students can choose from a wide variety of housing options in Australia. There is an option to fit every personality and budget, ranging from self-catered flats to share houses to homestay or university housing.

Accommodation Assistance for International Students

Many Australian educational institutions offer housing services that teach students about their possibilities and provide guidance in choosing the right place to live for their needs when they initially arrive. To make these arrangements, students can get in touch with their institution’s housing department before they arrive in Australia. Visit to learn more about UNSW’s housing options.

Australian Universities Accommodation Cost for International Students

Accommodation for International Students in Australian Universities

Depending on the housing option you select, lodging in Australia varies in price and accessibility. For instance, rental housing is typically more accessible and can frequently be organized when you arrive, but on-campus housing is quite popular and requires students to register for a place well in advance. Additionally, you’ll discover that prices and availability differ in metropolitan and rural areas, as well as in states and territories.
It is crucial to speak with the housing department of your educational institution before you depart for Australia to learn more about the options and associated fees.

Below are Housing Options and Costs

Boarding Houses
Many private colleges give fully catered boarding options for students, which includes food, cleaning, and laundry services. In addition to academic tutoring and extracurricular social activities, boarding expenses may also include a supportive family environment at most schools. Private or shared rooms may be available, depending on the school. In addition to the boarding fees, there are tuition fees. Accommodation costs for boarding schools typically range from $11,000 to $22,000 AUD year.

Homestay Option
International students have the option of residing in an Australian family’s home through homestay housing. There may be single or shared rooms, and prices vary depending on the type of room (often between AUD$235 and $325 per week). Although there is also the option of self-catered homestay, meals are typically included in the price, students doing short-term courses favor this style of lodging. The majority of lodging agencies at Australian universities maintain a list of trusted and vetted homestay providers.

University Housing
It is important to get more information from the institution you’re interested in because residential colleges, halls of residence, and apartments have different costs and lodging possibilities. Early applications are advised because these alternatives are highly sought for. On-campus housing typically costs between AUD$90 and $280 per week.

Residential Colleges
Housing, meals, housekeeping services, and a wide range of support services for social and academic needs are all provided by residential colleges. Due to the variety of facilities and support services provided, they are typically more expensive than residence halls. Most provide individual rooms together with eating rooms, leisure spaces, and restrooms that are shared.

Halls of Residence
Halls of residence also provide lodging and a buzzing social scene, but they lack several amenities and services. While certain housekeeping and cooking services may be offered, self-catering options are available, allowing students to be more independent. The majority provide individual rooms along with communal toilets, kitchens, and common areas.

Private Apartments
Some colleges and universities also have rental flats available, either nearby or on campus. This gives students the security of housing that has been approved by the college while also increasing their ability to live completely independently. There are frequently single and shared flats available. Students who are nearing the end of their degrees enjoy living in apartments.

Guesthouses and Hostels
Hostels and guesthouses are popular temporary housing options for students. The majority provide private rooms along with communal kitchen and toilet spaces. Residents prepare their own meals. At about AUD$90 to $150 per week, this form of housing is typically less expensive than on-campus housing while still offering beneficial possibilities for social contact.

Private Rentals
Many university students decide to rent a home by themselves or split the expense with roommates. You

Many university students decide to rent a home by themselves or split the expense with roommates. You can establish a new home or move into an existing one with some buddies. Generally speaking, you will need to provide all or part of your own furnishings since rental properties are rarely equipped. A bond or security deposit is often a one-month rent payment that is required in advance as part of rental agreements. You’ll also have power, gas, and water bills to pay.

The housing office at your institution can assist with finding rental housing and also advise you of your rights and obligations. Useful information can also be found on student bulletins, newspapers, boards and websites like

In conclusion, the varied housing choices is one of the reasons why Australia is gaining prominence among international students

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