How to Obtain an Australian Student Visa

The Australian Student Visa Application Process

When it comes to higher education, Australia, the land of diversity and balance, is a top choice. Australia’s universities employ top-notch and cutting-edge research techniques which has made them continue to be highly ranked among the top educational institutions globally. There are several reasons why foreign students decide to pursue degrees in Australia. In this article, we will explain how to obtain an Australian student visa.

Applying for an Australian Student Visa

How to Obtain an Australian Student Visa

Studying in Australia is an excellent idea. It offers excellent educational opportunities, a wonderful way of life, and a friendly environment for international students. Once you have been accepted to study in one of Australia’s institutions, the next stage is to arrange for your student visa.

First get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) or your local Australian immigration office for information on eligibility, how to apply, and the requisite documents.

Note: When there is a definite progression from one course to the next, students may apply for two or more courses on the same student visa. The last course a student takes is designated as their primary (or principal) course of study and is utilized to establish the necessary proof.

General Requirements for Australian Student Visa

International students must fulfill a number of requirements in order to qualify for a student visa. Among them are:

  • Health certificate
  • Character report
  • Having no outstanding debts with the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Ability to pay for airfare, course tuition, and living expenses for yourself and your family during your stay in Australia (the minimum living expense requirement is AUD$19,830 per year)
  • Evidence of custody, housing, and general welfare arrangements for students under 18 years of age
  • Academic history and credentials, combined with your command of the English language evidenced by an English language test: TOEFL IBT, Academic IELTS, Academic PTE and Advanced C1 (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced)
  • Proof of legitimate temporary entrance

How to Request for an Australian Student Visa

To apply for a student visa, you must have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your educational institution. Offer letters are no longer accepted, not even during the application process. Although you might be able to apply by mail or in person at your chosen Australian visa office, applications are normally submitted online.

Your country of origin and the institution you plan to attend will determine how much documentation you must provide with your application. For a list of the documents you’ll need to submit, use the document checklist tool on the DIBP website. The DIBP website is the best place to go to learn about your particular visa needs. You can also get in touch with your local Australian visa office, a reputable education agent or your academic institution to assist with any further questions regarding your visa application.

Application Fee and Visa Charge

Most visa applications attract a non-refundable application fee of about AUD$575. Note that there is an extra applicant fee for each additional family member included in a combined visa application if the applicant is bringing eligible family members to reside with them in Australia while they study.

Depending on the additional applicant’s age, this fee is applied to the regular application fee (s). There may also be other charges connected with applying for a visa, such as those related to paying for police checks, medical exams, and paperwork to be translated into English (if required). Visit the DIBP website’s Fees and Charges section for further details.

Visas for Student Guardians

You can also apply for permission to live in Australia as a student guardian on a Student Guardian Visa if you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor traveling there to study. Student guardians are permitted to remain in Australia until their children turn 18 or until the end of their study.

  • In unusual cases, a student over the age of 18 can require a guardian for cultural or religious reasons. Parents or legal guardians must be in good health, have good moral character, and be in good financial standing in order to be eligible. The applicant also has to:
  • Be a parent, someone with custody of the student for whom you will act as guardian, or a relative of the kid.
    Show a demonstrated ability to cover the student’s housing, general welfare, and other support at least 21 years old.

More information on eligibility requirements and the application procedure is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. For further information, go to the Student Guardians section.

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Additional Assistance with Visa Needs

The DIBP website or your local Australian immigration office are the best places to go to learn about your precise visa needs. For assistance and advice with your visa application, you can also speak with an education agency or the international office at your desired Australian educational provider.

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