Scholarships at Halmstad University Sweden 2023/2024

Fully Funded Scholarships at Halmstad University

Applications are open for fully funded scholarships at Halmstad University Sweden.. We will go through the specifics of this scholarship, its advantages, and the application process in depth in this article. Halmstad University Scholarships are fully funded grant for international students. There are two categories of scholarships available at Halmstad University: International students scholarships and scholarships for exchange students.

Halmstad University Scholarships

You have the option to apply for two distinct scholarships, one offered by Halmstad University and one offered by the Swedish Institute, if you are a student enrolled in a Master’s degree at the university. Numerous scholarships with a tuition fee waiver are offered by Halmstad University each year to students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

These scholarships may be awarded to applicants for our master’s programs at Halmstad University from any subject of study. The Halmstad University Scholarship will be taken from the tuition and will cover 25% or 50% of the cost. There are no awards available for family members, and the scholarship does not pay for living expenses.

Halmstad University Scholarship Application

  • Apply and pay the application fee at University Admissions for one of our Master’s programs.
  • Only candidates who meet the requirements for our Master’s programs and who qualify for Halmstad University scholarships will be sent an email with a link to the online application form.
  • Apply for scholarships online by completing the form. Please keep in mind that you must supply the application number you will get from University Admissions.
  • Based on a student’s academic achievements, the committee will grant scholarships (GPA but also ranking of the previous university and proficiency in English).
  • The student’s financial position or employment history won’t be taken into account.
  • Priority in the nomination will be given to applicants who choose a Halmstad University program as their top option.
  • After the initial Notification of Selection Results, Halmstad University will email the scholarship recipients to let them know they have been selected.
  • A scholarship nomination letter and an invoice with the scholarship amount subtracted will be sent to the recipients. The nomination letter specifies a timeframe by which the scholarship must be accepted or rejected.
  • There will be no specific notification for those students who are not given a scholarship. You have not received a scholarship if you receive an invoice for the entire amount of the tuition.

Conditions for Halmstad University Scholarship

  • If the study results are satisfactory, the scholarship will automatically be renewed for the remainder of the study program (2 or 4 semesters). The scholarship will initially be awarded for one semester.
  • If you have been given a Halmstad University Scholarship, you must continue to meet the requirements of the scholarship as well as those for academic achievement in order to keep the scholarship for the remainder of the program. To make sure you are aware of the requirements you must meet, please examine the syllabus for your program or course.
  • If a student takes a break from their studies or requests a leave of absence (study break), they will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Before submitting an application through, please review the regulations for further details on the selection process and scholarship requirements.

Halmstad University Student Scholarships

There are many opportunities through Erasmus for you to study or complete a traineeship in Europe without having to pay any study fees as a student at a higher education institution.

  • You are entitled to the Erasmus scholarship from your home university as an Erasmus student or trainee, which will cover the majority of the costs associated with your time spent abroad. To learn more about the procedure, speak with the Erasmus contact at your home university.
  • If you want to be considered for an Erasmus scholarship, you must:
  • Hold citizenship in one of the nations taking part in Erasmus.
  • Be enrolled as a student at a University.
  • Have completed one year of academic study (not Internship) prior to the mobility.
  • Additionally, your existing university must be a member of Erasmus by having the Erasmus University Charter and must have a collaboration with Halmstad University (not for an internship).

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