BTH Scholarships for International Students 2023/2024

Apply for the BTH Scholarships for International Students

The BTH Scholarships for International Students provides partial tuition fee assistance. The amount of the tuition fee discount is typically 50%. One person is only eligible to receive one scholarship from this program. Academic excellence is the basis for awarding the scholarships. Candidates that choose the BTH study program as their top option are given preference.

The BTH scholarship program is available for prospective students from non-EU/EEA nations who must pay tuition fees for a Swedish university degree. The BTH remote learning program does not accept applications for this scholarship.

Application Procedure for the BTH Scholarships for International Students

First submit an application to for a BTH campus-based program or single subject course, then proceed to submit an application for a BTH scholarship.

Your application will only be taken into consideration if you pay tuition fees and the application fee. Your scholarship application will also be taken into account if you are an enrolled student who pays tuition but is exempt from paying the application fee.

To submit a scholarship application, you must sign in to the tuition and scholarship portal.

Accepting your offer at BTH

It is crucial that you respond to the offer of a BTH scholarship promptly; else, you risk losing the prize. To preserve your scholarship, you must also pay the balance of your tuition by the date listed in your BTH tuition fee account.
Students who thrive academically throughout the first phase of their studies at Blekinge Institute of Technology will be given a number of scholarships from BTH that equate to a partial decrease in the tuition charge.

You must be enrolled in a campus-based program at BTH and have completed at least one term of this program in order to be eligible to apply for this BTH scholarship. Additionally, you must pay tuition for the remaining courses in your program.

This scholarship is awarded based on academic success at BTH, with previous academic education outcomes taken into account if necessary to make a distinction. Instead of directly paying students, the scholarship will lower their tuition costs for the remaining duration of the program.

General Application Guidelines

# The BTH scholarship only partially pays for the tuition. Please take note that this scholarship does not include living expenses.
# If you are applying for a BTH campus-based program or single subject course and a tuition paying student, you are eligible to apply for a BTH scholarship.
# Anyone who is exempt from paying tuition cost cannot apply.
# Not applying to any of the school’s program makes your application invalid.
# For consideration to be made, the application fee must be paid on time.
# Notification will be communicated by on the outcomes of your Selection after submitting your application. Additionally, the outcomes will be disclosed on the BTH Scholarship website or announced via email.

NB: You are not eligible for a BTH scholarship if you do not satisfy the entry requirements for the program you have applied for.
You cannot be considered for a BTH scholarship if you have not submitted your academic records and filed the necessary paperwork on time—that is, before the deadline—so that your records can be evaluated.

# Your application for a BTH scholarship, for instance, will not be taken into consideration and will be void if you do not pay the application fee before the deadline.
# Your application is ineligible if you have applied for a BTH scholarship for prospective students but are already enrolled there. Unless you are a BTH registered undergraduate student applying to a master’s program.

Overview of the BTH Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship comes with a tuition discount. For instance, if you receive a 50% scholarship, you will only be required to pay 50% of the tuition.

The tuition decrease will be determined for each installment because the tuition cost must be paid in whole for each term. Prior to the commencement of your next term, a request for the remaining tuition price is made. If you log into your BTH tuition fee account, you can find instructions on how to pay your tuition.

Anyone can pay your tuition on your behalf, including a sponsor, a family member, or a friend. The crucial thing to keep in mind is that they must include your verification number on the payment so that we can identify the payment’s intended recipient. NB: Your BTH tuition fee account is where you may find the verification number.

Payment is cross-checked for verification number after the financial department receives payment information from the correspondent bank. Your payment will thereafter be recorded in your BTH tuition account for your viewing.

Your application is invalid if you have not submitted an application for a BTH program.

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